created for farmers, by farmers

leveraging on-farm insights to create conservation solutions at scale


Every farmer’s sustainability journey is different.

Truterra™ meets farmers where they are—providing customized insights and a framework for continuous improvement—creating meaningful impact acre-by-acre.

Truterra’s suite of offerings includes:


customized insights & recommendations

on-farm Support Resources

benchmarking & reporting

access to conservation experts



Truterra™ takes stewardship in the food system to the next level – for:





By establishing clear metrics and a common language for conservation that is meaningful for farmers and their core customers – food companies and end consumers - we can all work together to drive meaningful and scalable impact.

Truterra was launched in 2018 by Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN to drive on-farm conservation solutions at scale—creating tangible impact on the long-term sustainability of our food system. Built with farmers in mind by a leading national farmer-owned cooperative, Truterra is available to companies and stakeholders interested in scaling on-farm conservation solutions and driving sustainability in an ever-changing industry.



truterra™ insights engine

is a first-of-its-kind conservation tool that allows farmers, ag retailers and food companies to measure sustainability progress and trends, in real time, at the sub-field level.

The tool creates a framework for continuous improvement while also benchmarking against yield and profitability—ensuring customized and scalable on-farm conservation solutions that both protect our natural resources and are good for the farmer.

The Truterra Insights Engine:


Brings together the proven value of stewardship practices


Leverages agronomic expertise and technological capabilities of agricultural retailers


Provides farmers with field-customized insights for their business and natural resources


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